Billing Policies

At SECTMA we make every effort to submit your bills accurately and efficiently.  This is often a complicated process involving many players, of which the patient is often the least informed while being the most important. It is you, the patient, who is responsible for providing the office with accurate, up to date, information concerning your insurance coverage. For this reason please bring proof of insurance to every visit.

Patients arriving for appointments without proof of insurance will not be seen unless other arrangements are made.

Your Financial Obligations

All copayments are due at the time services are rendered. Likewise all balances due for past services should be paid within thirty days from receipt of statement. There are some insurance plans with which our office does not participate; we will submit bills to your insurer and then bill you for any remaining balance. You will be responsible for all services that are not covered by your insurance.  Nonpayment of copayment at visit will incur an invoicing fee of $10.00.

The Billing Process

The Billing Department sends out patient bills daily as insurance claims are processed. Notes are used on the statement to make you aware of your financial obligations as determined by your insurance. These notes are brief due to limited space.  Please contact the Billing Department for any bills you do not understand.

We expect payment within 30 days of your bills.  If unpaid balances remain longer than 90 days, and you have not been in contact with us regarding your balance, a letter will be mailed detailing your financial obligation and alerting you that not responding within 30 days will ultimately lead to your referral to our collection agency.  If you are having trouble paying you bill due to extenuating circumstances, please contact our Billing Department as soon as possible to discuss payment options.

Any payments returned by our bank for insufficient funds will incur a charge of $30.00.  For an explanation of Miscellaneous Charges and associates fees, click here.

Contacting the Billing Department

We try to answer all messages on the same day we receive them. However, if your question involves researching a claim, reviewing a chart, consulting with the physician, or contacting your insurance company our response may be delayed.  We will always get back to you.  Questions may also be asked if you are in for an appointment with your provider.  Itemized bills are available upon request.

We welcome your compliments and complaints. We exist primarily to serve you and answer any questions you may have. Our phone number is 860-447-1426 ext. 207.

Insurance Links

For your convenience, here is a list of the most common insurance providers and their websites. This list is for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement of any particular insurance company or plan. For more information, please contact your insurance broker or human resources department.


Access Health CT - Connecticut's Official Health Insurance Marketplace

Anthem Blue Cross 

Cigna Health Plans




Pequot Plus (Foxwoods Employees)


United Healthcare